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Civil Infrastructure

regional leader in developing, managing, and supervising civil infrastructure

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Perdis Ruz forms highly skilled and experienced teams.

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Determination and elaboration Industries in Iran.




Perdis Ruz

Project Engineering and Management, Research, Development of Industries and Structures

Perdis-Ruz is Iran's No. 1 choice for engineering, construction, and project management.

  • Our employees are teamed with customers, partners, and suppliers on more than 120 Projects in nearly each region in Iran and abroad.
  • Continually seeking to innovate and improve, Perdis Ruz is prepared to meet all kind of technical and non-technical challenges.
  • Perdis Ruz adheres to the highest standards of ethical business culture, and our reputation for adhering to these standards is one of our most valuable assets.
  • We offer small and medium-sized companies tailor-made, straight-forward, and fast solutions.
  • Our services start from developing the first idea with our client to full support in implementation and realization of the plans.

Entry Strategy


We set high standards. We apply advanced technology, and we continually innovate and improve. We thrive on challenge and accomplishment. (from Perdis-Ruz’s Vision + Values)

From our pioneering work on the Bushehr Power Plant more than 30 years ago to our present work on more than 120 projects, our name has been synonymous with engineering excellence and achievement in a wide variety of project areas: power plants; large industrial facilities; refineries; mining and metallurgical facilities; high-voltage transmission lines; pipelines; dams; airports; marine terminals; highways and roads; oil and gas field installations; and major cultural, commercial and residential facilities.

  • Innovation is perhaps the central feature of our engineering work. On a typical engineering project, novel and puzzling situations have a way of cropping up constantly. And the ability to respond creatively to these challenges—to innovate—can spell the difference between success and failure.
  • For this reason we believe that our strength as an engineering innovator is reflected not in the number of important patents our people hold (although they hold many such patents), nor in the number of technical papers they publish (although they publish many every year), nor in the many advances we have made in frontier fields such as efficient value engineering, advanced earthquake engineering and overall project risk optimization. Rather, our strength as an innovator is reflected in the sum total of successful high-tech engineering projects completed. And by this measure, we are second to none in Iran.
  • Perdis Ruz provides premier technical, management, and directly related services to develop, manage, engineer, and operate installations for our customers in the Middle East region.
  • Our specialists develop concepts, plan, design and supervise projects in the fields of energy, oil, chemistry, hydropower and water resources, transportation and technology / environment in nearly all parts of Iran and abroad.
  • Whether the task be the opening up of alternative sources of energy, the building of chemical and industrial facilities, dams, the construction of bridges or the elimination of ecological damage - the technological feasibility is only part of the overall project cycle for our engineers, scientists and economic experts. Aspects such as economic performance, environmental compatibility and long-term effects are for us important planning parameters.
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